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Are the job offers in the AIDA career portal current?

Our job offers are regularly updated.

How can I apply to AIDA?

In our online application form you can upload your documents. We prefer online applications. Naturally, you may also apply in writing. Both kinds of applications are treated equally in the selection process. Please send your written application to: AIDA Cruises Human Resources Management Am Strande 3d 18055 Rostock Germany

Can I apply for several positions simultaneously?

If your résumé qualifies you for several positions, you may send us an application indicating your desired areas of employment.

What happens upon receipt of my application documents?

As soon as we have received your documents, we will send you a confirmation of receipt. Your application will then be processed in the human resources department and the department you have applied for. If you prove suitable for the position, the further selection process may include an invitation to an assessment center, a personal interview, or an online interview. We then contact you to inform you of the outcome of your application. If we feel that you and your abilities are a good match for our team, you will then receive all details and information for the next steps or for your contract.

Who should i send my application to?

If you send us a cover letter, you are welcome to use the general form of address "Dear Sir or Madam".

Working Aboard

What measures is AIDA taking to deal with COVID-19?

Detailed information on the current situation on board, the measures taken to protect our crew and medical care can be found here.

Do I need a Covid19 vaccination as a crew member?

AIDA's success is based on the trust that our guests and employees place in us. The safety and health of everyone on board our ships and in our worldwide destinations is always our top priority. In addition to the high hygiene and health standards already in place, AIDA Cruises has developed enhanced health and safety protocols in conjunction with the relevant national and international authorities and implements a wide range of preventative measures to protect against Covid-19. This includes making full COVID-19 immunisation mandatory for all our crew members when working on board the AIDA fleet.

How does the employment on board work?

When you work on board, you receive a fixed seasonal contract. The term of employment may vary based on the position on board and the department. Generally, you can assume an employment term of 4-6 months. AIDA Cruises is one of the few cruise lines in the world that offers you as an EU citizen an employment contract according to the guidelines of the European Union, e.g. that provides for comprehensive social insurance. After several successful deployments, you also have the possibility to switch to an open-ended contract.

Am I insured during my time on board?

EU citizens on board receive comprehensive social and health insurance in accordance with EU guidelines (EC No. 883/2004) for the term of their employment with AIDA.

Are there special requirements for employment on board?

Prerequisite for employment on board is relevant training or studies and initial work experience. In addition, all employees on board require a Seafarer Medical Fitness Certificate and a current criminal background check. Once the contract has been concluded, various training courses prepare employees for their work on board.

What health requirements need to be fulfilled for me to work on board?

Physical and mental fitness are important prerequisites for employment on board. Before starting work on board, every crew member of a cruise ship must present a national Seafarer Medical Fitness Certificate, which only certain doctors may issue after a medical examination. Here, certain illnesses such as epilepsy, type 1 diabetes, vision problems, hearing problems, or a BMI of over 40 may result in the individual being deemed as not fit for service at sea. 

What are my working hours on board?

Generally, there is a 7-day work week. Working hours and rest periods are set in accordance with the established standards and regulations of the internationally binding Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) and depends on the type of employment on board.

How is transportation of the crew organized?

For regular embarkation and disembarkation of crew who live outside of Germany, AIDA Cruises bears the costs for transportation from the home airport to the ship and back. Crew members who reside in Germany may use the Flixbus for embarkation/disembarkation at a German port free of charge, or may organize their transportation themselves. If embarkation or disembarkation takes place at a port outside of Germany, AIDA bears the flight costs for crew members who reside in Germany from/to the closest home airport. The crew member bears the costs for transportation to/from the airport.

What about meals on board?

A variety of meals and beverages are offered that can be selected according to preference. The meals are well-balanced and are geared toward the diverse requirements of our international crew.

What is the onboard language for crew members?

We employ an international crew on board. English language skills are therefore essential. The onboard language for interaction with our guests is German.

What recreational options are offered on board?

On board the ships, the crew has its own crew mess hall, a crew sundeck, a crew sauna, a fitness studio, and a recreational room including a crew shop. The crew can watch TV and video films in German or English. Internet access is offered on board our ships. The crew may, of course, take shore excursions in their free time. For further training, board employees have access to the corporate learning tool AIDA Train Me Up at all times.

Do I receive a uniform on board?

All crew members receive uniforms on board our vessels. Shoes and socks must be brought by the crew members.

AIDA Customer Center

What is it like to work at the AIDA Customer Center?

At the AIDA Customer Center, a modern workplace awaits you with the latest technology, two monitors, and a headset. You work in teams of up to 20 colleagues managed and guided by a supervisor and a deputy supervisor. Would you rather not commute? You can work from home, too. We provide the technology and you can flexibly decide whether you would rather work from your home office or at the AIDA Customer Center. You can also combine the advantages of both and flexibly switch.

What are the working hours at the AIDA Customer Center?

Employees at the AIDA Customer Center advise customers 365 days a year. Their exact working hours strongly depend on their needs and the company’s needs. You tell us when you would like to work and we will try to fulfill your wish. There is no fixed shift model. We flexibly assign your contract hours together with you.

Do we have to work overtime?

In the event that our employees work more hours than agreed as per their contract, each employee has a working time account. Overtime hours are recorded here and can be offset with time off.

How will I be prepared for my work at the AIDA Customer Center?

Our employees complete an intensive training program. Theory and practical aspects are combined in such a way that every employee can apply and reinforce what has been learned.

How long does on-the-job training last?

The complete initial training period lasts around 4-6 weeks. You can complete this training on site in Rostock or conveniently from home in the virtual classroom. For two weeks during this time, we invite you to Rostock so that you can get to know the team personally. During these first few weeks, you acquire detailed knowledge of product and system application. We reinforce this knowledge together with you through various practical exercises.

Can I see the ships?

Viewing the ship is an integral part of initial training. In your free time, you also have the opportunity to take part in guided tours of certain ships. If you’d like to explore our ships more in-depth, we also offer you a cruise at special conditions.

As an employee, do I receive any further training or continuing education after my initial training?

There are various training options developed specially for the AIDA Customer Center that refresh and continuously expand your specialized knowledge and communicative skills. This allows our employees to continue to broaden their knowledge and specialize in certain topics extending beyond the initial training.

Is there a collective labor agreement?

Yes, there is a collective labor agreement. This includes the following components: - remuneration – remuneration for overtime and work on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays – company pension scheme – annual bonus – working time regulations – leave from work – vacation – seniority

Does AIDA offer extra vacation pay or Christmas bonuses?

Employees who have been with AIDA for at least one year receive a bonus at the end of the fiscal year.

Can I work from my home office?

Don’t feel like commuting? You can work from home, too. We provide the technology you need and you can flexibly decide if you’d rather work from your home office or on site at the AIDA Customer Center. You can also combine the advantages of both options and flexibly alternate.

How much vacation time do I receive?

On joining the company, you receive 28 days of vacation leave. Your vacation leave entitlement increases depending on your length of employment up to 30 days. Vacation leave levels are regulated in the collective agreement.

What kind of employment contracts does the AIDA Customer Center offer?

At AIDA Customer Center, we offer open-term contracts with a 35-hour or 40-hour week than can be flexibly scheduled (no fixed shifts).