In good hands

In good hands

In good hands

Safely the most beautiful job

As an AIDA family, we bear responsibility for each other. The health of our crew and guests always comes first. For this reason, we have taken various measures on board to ensure the safety of all crew members and guests.

Best care for our crew

High hygiene and safety standards have always been applied on board our ships. These standards go beyond legal requirements and we have now reinforced them with additional measures. We pay attention to protecting the health of all people on board through more stringent hygiene measures.


I am proud and grateful to be a part of this fantastic crew. We feel safe and secure on board and are one big family. Everyone looks after their colleagues, everyone is there for each other. Especially in these difficult times, despite the hygiene rules, we have a varied life with many leisure activities such as sports, trainings and a diverse entertainment program. AIDA is always there for us, whether it's our colleagues ashore, our colleagues on the sister ships or our colleagues on board. We can hardly wait to welcome guests again.


Even during this worldwide crisis I still feel secure on board. I can honestly say that the company has done an amazing job so far. AIDA is treating their crew members with utmost respect and care. On board we apply high hygienic standards in everything we do. I can firmly say that I would feel nowhere safer than here. To keep the crew motivated, we have so many activities to choose from, such as German classes and crew talent shows. I am proud to be a part of this family and all I can say is thank you AIDA! Terma Kasih!


At the moment, people on board are looking out for each other more than ever before. Due to the safety and hygiene rules have no worries regarding my work. Our hospital team is available around the clock - that gives me a good feeling. We don't do anything here without safety measures! All of this would only work half as well if we weren't all working together. On board, we are all one team, one family with the same goal: an unforgettable vacation for our guests. This goal unites us all and creates a cohesion in the crew that I have not often experienced before.

Ni Putu

The last months were very exciting yet challenging due the worldwide travel restrictions. We had extensive training on board before welcoming our guests to the first cruise in November. The results from our training and preparation were visible in the smiles of our passengers. The care shown by the company is tremendous as we have had many opportunities to express our concerns and share our thoughts. The crew is always taken into consideration and there are various activities provided to keep us engaged for the days to come. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the AIDA family for being there for us.


I am very happy to work on board of AIDAblu. In order to protect our health, AIDA trains us how to keep ourselves and our colleagues safe. We as crew members are taking care of each other by respecting social distancing, wearing masks and gloves as well as washing and sanitizing our hands regularly. Thank you AIDA for keeping our jobs and talking to us about our concerns and needs.

Questions & Answers

What measures have been taken to protect the crew from a COVID-19 infection?
  • Prior to and during shipboard operations, the crew will receive regular training regarding prevention, hygiene measures, as well as the current rules of conduct.
  • All persons on board are requested to wash and disinfect their hands regularly. Additional disinfection dispensers are available.
How is the onboard medical center prepared for possible COVID-19 infections?
  • Our medical staff is trained on relevant testing procedures and treatment methods.
  • Our hospital team is available around the clock for our crew members and guests in our modern Medical Centers on board.
  • On board, we have ample facilities for necessary individual isolation in the Medical Center or in designated cabins.
  • The ships are equipped with state-of-the-art test kits and diagnostic equipment for prompt evaluation of suspected cases.
  • Adequate COVID-19 testing capabilities are available.
  • Each Medical Center is equipped to provide intensive medical care, and ventilators are available for emergency use.
  • All medical treatment on board is generally free of charge for crew members. This also includes all measures in the event of an infection with COVID-19.
What happens if there is a suspected COVID-19 case on board?
  • Each suspected case is tested. Adequate COVID-19 testing capacity is available. 
  • Individual isolation facilities are available if needed.
  • Together with the ship's management, our medical staff reports the health status as well as suspected and positive cases to the port authorities and respective health offices and coordinates with them on further action.

Great feedback for our crew